EASA Class 1 Medical

Are you a professional pilot? You will need to ensure you are fit and in the best of health. For this, you require regular EASA Class 1 Medical certification by a CAA registered aeromedical examiner (AME) among other tests. At Manchester Medicals, we can provide these to UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) standards.

Where Can You Get the Medicals Done?

To keep things straightforward, you will be happy to note that Manchester Medicals has you covered completely when it comes to getting your medicals done. Our clinic is conveniently located at Manchester Heliport in the North West.

What is the Validity of Your Medical?

Your EASA Class 1 Medical is valid for a year if you are under 60 years old but if you are over 60 years old, you will need to repeat it once every 6 months. At Manchester Medicals, we know the importance of timely medicals to help you maintain your licence.

What Tests are Required?

The EASA Class 1 Medical test includes an examination of your medical history, a full physical examination, vision and hearing tests, a urine test and a finger-prick haemoglobin test to rule out anaemia. In addition, an ECG or some other tests may be conducted depending on your age and medical history.  Please see CAA Medical Certificate validity table v2 for details of tests required.

What Do You Need to Bring?

Since you will be required to provide a urine sample, you need to make sure you come with a full bladder to the clinic.

You must bring your photo id and your previous medical certificate when you come for your medicals. Your most recent optician’s prescription is also a must.

To know more about the examination and the complete list of items you must bring CLICK HERE. This will help you to be prepared when you come for your medicals.