At Manchester Medicals, we want to ensure your driver medical test goes smoothly and easily. Whether you are coming in for a HGV, LGV, or a PCV medical, it should take no more than about 30 minutes. Please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

What to Bring?

  • Photo ID (passport or driving licence).
  • Driving glasses or contact lenses (if worn) along with your most recent optician’s prescription.
  • Details of any medical conditions or problems, and all medication taken (either a copy of your medication prescription, or bring all the boxes). A printed “summary print-out” of your medical records is ideal; you should be able to obtain this free of charge from your GP.
  • A DVLA D4 Form – Please complete the first section (Page 1), including details of your own GP, as this will speed up the whole process. If you forget this, we can provide a copy. DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Payment – either cash or credit/debit card.

What to Expect?

  • We discuss any medical problems you have, or medication you’re taking, and clarify that the DVLA are aware of these (if relevant). This is to make sure all heavy goods or passenger-carrying drivers are fit to travel high mileage for long periods of time.

  • A physical examination is performed – just like at your own GP.

  • Vision/sight test – this is less complex than a test your optician may carry out, and just ensures you can read the required line on the sight chart (distance vision) with or without driving glasses. If you only wear glasses for reading, you should pass this test easily.

  • Blood pressure check – A large section of the DVLA D4 form relates to the health of your heart. Your BP is a part of the assessment. Obviously it could be very serious if you were to have a heart attack behind the wheel so this is very important. Don’t worry though – if you take medication for high blood pressure and it is well controlled, you should get through this test with no problems.

  • Urine test – although not strictly required for the D4 DVLA form – we perform this simple test to screen for diabetes. We don’t test for anything else, but section 3 of the D4 form asks you about drug and alcohol use in the last 12 months.

  • Declaration – The final section of the form is where you sign to say that all the information you’ve given to the doctor is truthful to the best of your knowledge and belief.

  • Chaperone Policy – it may be possible to arrange a chaperone if this is important to you – please see CHAPERONE POLICY

What Happens Afterwards?

We will hand back your signed, stamped and completed D4 form at the end of the medical. You need to send this form together with a completed D2 form (you fill this in) and your licence to the DVLA for processing. The DVLA makes the decision about your fitness to continue driving on a Group 2 licence.

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