What should I bring to the medical?

Please bring the following for your pilot medical:

  • Photo ID.
  • Your previous medical certificate.
  • Your pilot’s licence and logbook.
  • Your glasses and contact lenses (if worn).
  • If applicable, an optician’s prescription that is no more than 3 months old.
  • Details of any medication you take and any medical problems. If you have any specialist medical reports/information, please bring these with you.
  • First time applicants bring a completed MED 160 form. DOWNLOAD MED160 FORM HERE or DOWNLOAD HERE FOR A LAPL

If you have any questions at all prior to your medical, please email info@manchestermedicals.co.uk

Do you provide Class 1 Medicals?

Yes! We are now approved to perform renewal Class 1 (professional pilot) medicals.

How long will my test take?

The medical generally takes one hour.

Can I bring a friend with me?

If you would feel more comfortable, you are welcome to bring a friend to your examination. If I am notified in advance, I may be able to provide a chaperone; be sure to advise of this at the time of booking. There are no intimate examinations (such as breast/rectal) required. However, if an ECG is needed – this requires exposing the chest. Please see ABOUT YOUR EXAMINATION – PILOTS for more details about our Chaperone Policy and the ECG procedure.

This is my first medical, but I’m unsure about my health. Should I see my GP first?

If you have any concerns about your health status (such as diabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure), I recommend you see your own GP before booking a medical, to ensure you are in optimum fitness.

If you have any questions, please contact us before your medical. If you do not meet the CAA standards, you will be guided through the steps required to achieve ‘fitness’.  A fee would still be payable for the time taken.

How often do I need a medical?

Please see MEDICAL VALIDITY TABLE for details about the frequency of medicals required – depends on the Class of your medical and your age.

All of this information can be found on the back of your current medical certificate (if you have one).

After a successful medical, your medical certificate will be ‘revalidated’ within 45 days of its expiry date, or ‘renewed’ if the certificate has lapsed.

How should I prepare for my medical?

No specific preparation is required. However, try to come with a full bladder as a urine sample will be required.

If an ECG is required, excessive chest hair may need to be shaved (in the places where the stickers need to go).

Try and avoid strenuous exercise before the medical – this can occasionally cause traces of blood in your urine. Moreover, exercise may raise your blood pressure.

Remember to bring all the required items – see ABOUT YOUR MEDICAL

I’m worried about a change in my medical fitness, or I’ve been diagnosed with a new medical condition or started new medication. What should I do?

The CAA states that if there is any new medical condition or symptoms, or new medication or treatment that ‘is likely to interfere with the safe exercise of the privileges of the licence’ it is the pilot’s responsibility not to fly, and to get advice from their AME.

You must seek advice from your AME if you’ve undergone any surgical or invasive procedure, started any new regular medication, or sustained a significant injury or illness.

Contact your AME if you become pregnant, are admitted to any hospital or clinic, or you first require corrective lenses for vision.

Do I need a Class 1 medical to be an instructor?

No. A pilot can now be paid to instruct Class 2 students with only a Class 2 medical.