Measures towards ensuring Flight attendants remain Healthy

You can imagine a flight information officer who while directing the pilot is suddenly failed by his or her health. This can be either traumatic or sad stories that you would not wish to be telling. Manchester medicals are in the mission of salvaging such an eventuality through an affordable but professional medical assessment. FISO Medical comes in as a great solution to counter such uncalled for would be situations that may bedevil the aviation authority.

The nature of the work involved in such an important duty. The flight information offices need to be assessed regularly to ensure the officers are fit enough to carry out their duty. The assessment thus is based on the discussion between us and the offices on their medical history in order to offer the much anticipated Fiso Medical.

A general test examination is then done. This test is supposed to cover among others; visions as well as hearing test. This is important since these are the main organs in use by the officers while on duty. Fiso Medical though operating in such a sensitive industry offers the services at a rather pocket-friendly rate.

After we have carried all the tests we approve you and certify your health status. This Fiso Medical assessment has diverse validity durations in respect to the age. Therefore do not be confused about such disparities from one assessment to the other. The longest validity period Fiso Medical has is 5 years for the ages that are below 50 years, 2 years for 50 to 65 years, 12 months for those in the 65 to 70 age bracket and 6 months for those who are over 70 years.

The idea behind the duration disparities is informed by age whereas one advance in age he/she is more vulnerable to ailments than for a younger person. However, with Fiso Medical we cover all officers and ensure that the pilots are assured of the health of the person on the ground. We pride not at being able to keep our air passengers safe but also the fact that our noble service is affordable and efficient.

Location of clinics

Our nature of work is complex to some level due to the nature of work done by our clients. We, therefore, ensure that we bring the service closer to the service target group. We, therefore, ensure that all eligible clients are up to speed with the complying deadlines and standards. It is from this understanding that we have put up clinics in airport and aerodromes. We have two clinics which are conveniently located within the clients’ proximity these are located strategically to allow for the accommodation of appointments within short notices. This then ensures that we can attend to you with speed and allow you to resume duty without such noticeable interruptions.

These two facilities are located at Barton aerodrome/Manchester City Airport with the second one at West Didsbury. The idea is to bring the service closer to the people who need it and which is part of our policy.