Pilot And Driver Medicals

You are almost receiving the pilot’s license, but there is an obstacle preventing you from soaring the sky – aviation medical. For one to be a pilot, you have to get a medical certificate. There are various medical certificates a pilot can get depending on the flying he or she does or plans to do. These three categories are the first class, second class, and third class certificates. A pilot should have the right medical dependent on the flying he or she is carrying out.

On the other hand, a Warrington driver medical is also needed to ensure that all drivers are healthy and fit to drive. Most drivers for trucks or taxi require a Warrington driver medical to ensure that not only do they drive professionally but also safely.

Pilot medical certification

When it comes to aviation medicals, the first-class medical certificate is offered to airline pilots who must be examined and pass the tests to maintain the license. It is valid for six months for pilots whose age is 40 or above and for a year to those whose age is below 40. The pilot with the first class certificate can also utilize both second and third class medicals for given periods of time.

On the other hand, the second class certificate is given to a commercial pilot, and it is valid for a year. The third class medical is given to private pilots, student pilots, flight instructors, and student pilots. It is valid for a year if one is above 40 years of age and 60 months for those that are below. The people who do not require the medical certification include the glider pilots, ground instructors, and sports pilots.

Driver medical certification

On the other hand, the Warrington driver medical certification is for guaranteeing that the health of the driver is safe to provide daily driving activities, especially in a taxi. Various factors are checked during the screening process these factors include:


The objective of testing the vision is to guarantee that it is fit for both long and short-sighted objects. It also involves the side view and the colour determination which is essential when dealing with safety rules. In case one had eye disease further tests can be carried out.

Drug abuse

The capability to drive can be affected by the abuse of drugs and alcohol. The driver has to be screened to ensure that they don’t use drugs or alcohol to provide soberness when driving.


For Warrington driver medical tests they have to check on your hearing by use of an audiometer. They can also perform a whisper test to check if you can listen to a whisper. It is to provide safety measures when it comes to the hooting of cars or a warning buzzer.

Other factors that are checked are the respiratory system, blood pressure, and psychological system to ensure that all the professional drivers are fit to drive in the roads.

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