Why you need a medical before driving a taxi

At Manchester Medicals, you will find low-cost medical examinations for the taxi driver. We also offer the same affordable medicals to, minicab and private hire drivers. We have become a favourite to many because of our economic, on-demand and medicals at easily accessible locations. However, we are proud of our ability to offer affordable Taxi Medicals. We also know how important these medicals are

Our dedicated and experienced General Practitioners will perform a complete Taxi Medicals including eye test to the full standards required for your council/HGV, LGV and bus drivers.

We recognize the importance of a valid medical for your livelihood. Therefore, our goal is to provide a cost-effective professional service at a time of your convenience. Some benefits include the following:

Physical Health

Those seeking jobs in particular industries will be needed to have physical examinations before being given a position. Some jobs are quite a demanding job, so applicants should be physically fit. An exam usually involves how well the applicant’s heart and lungs work, hearing and vision, testing physical strength. Some jobs require hauling heavy equipment and wearing heavy gear. They must also be able to perform rigorous work, making being in great shape necessity.

Mental Health

Occupations such as driving require various thorough psychological exams as well. Taxi Medicals tests are essential because the applicant is expected to transport others, so it must be determined that the person does not have any underlying medical problems that could interfere with the safety of himself, his partner or other road users. The driver should be able to make informed choices immediately and be able to control stressful situations, such as an accident in a sound way.

Drug Tests

Many transport companies will include drug testing in their medical examinations. It will determine if the applicant has done any illegal drugs in recent weeks. Taxi Medicals drug tests can be performed by taking a blood and urine sample or by taking a strand of hair and testing it. The test is important in most fields, such as with commercial driving, since the driver must be able to drive for a long period without any problems with substance abuse.

Hearing and Vision

Most companies who are hiring candidates want them to be of sound physical health. A medical exam will include hearing tests and sight testing. It is vital to have normal hearing and vision. If not, the applicant should have devices available such as hearing aids or glasses to assist with any issues.

Most are costly, and you may have to wait for at least three weeks to be served. We can provide your medical. It is important for any job applicant to be both physically and mentally fit to perform and see the growth of the company.

To know more about medicals, do not hesitate to contact Manchester Medicals; we are happy to be of service. We can discuss your needs and the options you may choose to help you get your Taxi Medicals at the time you are most comfortable with. Our convenient locations are at Barton Aerodrome in Manchester City Airport and West Didsbury.